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We Are

A BroaderWay Foundation (ABW)…created in 2010 by Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs…dedicated to offering girls from urban communities an outlet for self-expression and creativity through arts-centered programs. The emphasis is on building self-esteem, developing leadership qualities and striving for personal and social achievement.

Our Founders

When I was young…

I would wait all year in anticipation of those summer months when it was time to go away to sleep-away camp. The experience was invaluable, as I formed lifelong friendships, learned how to live with others, build my self-esteem and be a leader. I sang, I danced, I played sports. At the time, I had no idea that in the years to come my career would reward me with so many special opportunities to connect with young people. For this I am most grateful.

As a youth…

I was small, insecure and didn’t have a real community of friends outside of my family. All this changed when my mother encouraged me to enroll in a performing arts school. My life was transformed permanently. I was surrounded by students with similar interests and I finally had a peer group to call my own. I built up my courage to take risks and express myself. I am convinced that my being exposed to the arts at that age set the stage for the rest of my life.

We Believe

The ABW program is a way of looking at the world, a widening of individual horizons. Through Camp BroaderWay, and its arts-related activities, the girls learn to empower themselves by training their voices to be heard, not just on the stage of a theater, but throughout the world, focusing their imaginations to visualize new pathways to fulfill their aspirations and become leaders in the community at large.

We are Committed to

  • Providing an opportunity for young urban girls, who would not otherwise have the opportunity, to experience the camp experience.
  • Creating an environment where girls can take risks.
  • Providing a free and non-judgmental setting for self-expression and creativity.
  • Encouraging friendships and bonds.
  • Fostering compassion and empathy for others.
  • Designing programs to synergize the experience of camp with skills our campers need to become leaders, and leave a positive imprint on their schools, communities, and the world at large.
  • Making a mutual four-year camp commitment with our campers in order to strengthen and nurture the experiences and insights acquired through the ABW program.
  • Providing year-round activities for all the girls, which will further the principles of “possibility” through “perseverance.”
  • Continuing our commitment to the girls after their camp experience by providing programs that will help the girls gain the skills needed to move forward with their goals.
  • Working with youth advocates, leading educational/theatrical institutions and corporations who believe that the arts can have a direct impact on children and broaden their view of their individual potential.

Latest News

ABW Freshmen See Wicked

The Freshmen had a wickedly spectacular time at Wicked last night! A huge thank you to David Stone for teaching us to “never judge a witch by her color.” Special thanks to Rachel Tucker (Elphaba) and Carrie St. Louis (Glinda) for answering our questions, too.

School Year Programming: Workshop 1

We are so thrilled that our first Workshop was a huge success! All of our campers and grads came together for a shortened version of a typical day at camp. The Freshmen worked on their acting and scene work with Dominic Colon, the Sophomores tapped with Ben Mapp while the…

Giving Tuesday is December 1st!

Hey ABW friends! It’s time to share with everyone you know… ‪‎Giving Tuesday‬ is officially here! Make sure to support our CrowdRise Giving Tower Holiday Challenge Page http://bit.ly/1MJrBPc. How high can we build our own ABW tower of love? You now have one month until you could go home with…

Check Out Our New Merch!

We’re loving our new bracelet collection personalized by Idina Menzel, made special for A BroaderWay and created by Halo-Heart Designs. Check out the full collection and other ‪ABW‬ merchandise HERE

The Power of an Educated Girl

18 ABW Grads and Juniors were invited by Girl Rising to attend The Power of an Educated Girl Panel hosted by Glamour Magazine on Tuesday, September 29th at the Apollo Theater. The Panel was moderated by the magazine’s editor-in-chief Cindi Leive and the panelists included Julia Gillard (former Prime Minister of Australia and chair of…

The Wickedly Frozen Spectacular

The Vastis Sisters recently performed their fundraising show called The The Wickedly Frozen Spectacular. It was a Success! Both in performance and fundraising with more than $7,000 going to A BroaderWay Foundation! Check out videos from the performance HERE

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